Be Who You Want

Be Who You Want is also available in Polish and other translations are forthcoming in Chinese, Chinese/Taiwan, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

Warmly recommended” — Stephen Fry; “Inspiring yet bracingly down-to-earth” — Oliver Burkeman; “Deeply researched and insightful” — Melissa Dahl; “Fascinating and revelatory” — David Robson. Read all the advance praise.

Selected as one of the 7 best audio science books of 2021 by BBC Science Focus.

Selected as a “must read” title for summer 2021 by the Next Big Idea book club.

Selected as one of the best new science releases of May 2021 by BBC Science Focus magazine.

Read the reviews in the New York Journal of Books , Psychotherapy Networker, Financial Times and in Publishers Weekly.

Read an extract published in BBC Science Focus.

(Be Who You Want is based on the Big Five Model of personality. To score your own personality using the kind of tests that feature in the book, visit this website hosted by Colby Personality lab.)

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