Dr Christian Jarrett is Deputy Editor of Psyche, a new digital magazine that examines the human condition from multiple perspectives, including psychology, mental health, philosophy and more.

With a PhD in cognitive neuroscience, Christian is a chartered psychologist and associate fellow of the British Psychological Society. For 16 years, Christian was the Founding Editor of the Society’s acclaimed Research Digest blog – the site he created in 2005 – and presenter and producer of the PsychCrunch podcast. For nine years he also worked as an award-winning journalist for The Psychologist magazine.

As a student, Christian studied psychology and neuroscience before completing a PhD in cognitive neuroscience at The University of Manchester. After a short post-doc he began a career disseminating psychology and neuroscience research to the public and over the years he has written about the human mind and behaviour for countless publications around the world, including authoring his own Brain Watch blog for WIRED, a Brain Myths blog for Psychology Today, a neuroscience column for New York magazine, a personality column for BBC Future, and an anxiety advice column for VICE Tonic. His writing has also featured in GQ Italia, New Scientist, BBC Science Focus, The Guardian, The Times, Womankind, 99U, Aeon, Big Think, The Telegraph, Outdoor Fitness, BBC WorkLife and many more publications.

Christian’s books include This Book Has Issues, 30 Second Psychology (over 100,000 copies sold worldwide), The Rough Guide to Psychology, and Great Myths of The Brain.

His next book, BE WHO YOU WANT, Unlocking The Science Of Personality Change, will be published in May 2021.

What People Say

You are a gift to psychology.

Professor David Myers

You probably informed and amused so many more people than you’d ever imagine.

Dr Claudia Mollidor

The psychology community is immensely richer for your contribution, and we all owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

Professor Alex Haslam