Christian quoted in The Australian newspaper

‘Psychologist and deputy editor of Psyche magazine Christian Jarrett told Inquirer that politicians and the media have played to less appealing aspects of our human nature.

“For instance, by highlighting the idea that there are sensible people who follow the rules and there are ‘covidiots’, politicians and the media encourage division. They encourage a ‘them and us’ mentality, which can lead to a greater polarisation of opinion and people in each camp seeking ways to derogate those in the other camp.”’

Christian appears on RTE’s 2FM show with Jennifer Zamparelli

RTE is the national broadcaster of Ireland. They said: “What’s your name? It’s the first question most of us are asked when we meet someone new But the answer can lead to all sorts of assumptions – and what if you don’t like your name? Christian is a psychologist and author and spoke to Jen about the impact a name can have on your life.”

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