Dr Christian Jarrett is Senior Editor at Aeon magazine, working on their forthcoming Psyche channel devoted to psychological wellbeing.

In July 2019 he will leave his position as Founding Editor of the Research Digest blog published by the British Psychological Society, & presenter of their PsychCrunch podcast.

He is currently writing PERSONOLOGY, Using the Science of Personality Change to Your Advantage, forthcoming from Simon and Schuster (North America) & Little Brown (UK and Commonwealth).

Christian writes a column on personality for BBC Future , an anxiety-advice column for VICE Tonic, & is an expert panelist for BBC Focus.

Previously he wrote on brain science for New York Magazine, WIRED, & Psychology Today, & a productivity column for

Christian’s critically acclaimed books include: Great Myths of the Brain & The Rough Guide to Psychology; & he is editor of 30 Second Psychology which has sold over 100,000 copies.

Christian was profiled in a cover feature for The Listener.

His TED-ED lesson on the psychology of ownership has over 1,000,000 views.

Christian’s Literary Agent is Nat Jacks of Inkwell Management, New York.

Contact Christian by email (christianjarrett at

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